Saturday, February 5, 2011

Customer Appreciation Sale!

I have so much jewelry left over from the summer sales and Christmas that I need to sale it quickly. I've also got more inventory and other cool pieces to sale. I'm going to take what I have to a couple different local shops but before I do I wanted to offer the best of what I have to all my friends and family. I'm offering everything on my blog to my friends and family for a discounted price. If you'd like anything please leave a comment under the item you like and it goes to the first person who leaves a comment. I have some things in double or triple quantities so feel free to leave a comment if someone else already has. I will personally deliver (or mail) and collect payment from anyone who would like something. Here are the prices:
Rings = 3$ (reg. 5$)
Earrings = 6$ (reg. 8$)
Necklaces = 10$ (reg. 12-15$)
Small Watch Necklaces = 10$ (reg. 15$)
Medium Watch Necklaces = 12$ (reg. 20$)
Don't forget Valentines Day! Sale ends Sat. 2/12/11


  1. I am so glad you are doing this! I can finally see your stuff and buy it! You are so talented! So, I think I chose 2 rings, and 2 necklaces.... so that should be $26, I think? I'll send you a check and add some for shipping and then you can send it to me? Let me know

  2. I am definatley going to need some of these. Can I come over and look at them in person? I can get quite a bit of birthday shopping done. Thanks, they are all so beautiful. Kelly